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What Others Are Saying About Vlad and Enlightenment Therapy

"I had two seminars with Vladimir. I was very impressed by Vladimir, his absolute sincerity and his absolute caring for people, as well as his artistry. He extremely well presented the tools, and I can highly recommend him."

Tony Robbins

Peak Performance Coach & Best-Selling Author

In my practice, this gets used very often excellent results, alleviating people's problems, negative experiences, barriers to goals to serving beliefs in a very quicker and very quick way.

So this is the tool you're looking for, this really starts to become what is going to be at the forefront of alternative psychology of quantum psychology. 

This is what psychology for the 21st century looks like. We can address problems very quickly and get people back to functioning in an efficient, safe, and, and holistic way in ways which we weren't able to do before."

Wesley Feuquay, M. Ed

Founder, Psylogia Institute for the Development of Consciousness

"I've been meditating and studying non dual philosophy for about 40 years. In the beginning, It was just to manage the stress of daily life and being in graduate school. But this rapidly became a lifelong interest of mine to align myself with the experience of myself as unified consciousness. Whole. Complete .

It wasn't until I learned the Satori protocol that this yearning became a fulfilled reality. Vladimir and I met as students of Zivorad Slavinski, as a longtime student of this contemporary mystic and psychologist

Vladimir has embodied and made even more available the wisdom of our teacher through the Satori and the Integra protocols. With the Satori protocol, we now have a reliable means of entering unified consciousness every single day, as many times a day as we please. With Integra, we can untangle from the long threads of identities and identifications"

Melanie McGhee, LCSW

Award-winning author, teacher, and psychotherapist

"I'm an executive coach helping high performers reaching the next level of purpose, joy and prosperity. I've been in this field for roughly 15 years. I have systematically sought out wisdom teachers, techniques, systems experiences, so that I can level myself up.

And I'm very happy that I found the school of thought of Vladimir Stojakovic, Spiritual Technology, Integra protocol, Satori protocol, the set of tools has been one of the most reliable toolkits that I have to help me number one, neutralizing my inner saboteurs, my negative emotions and thoughts.  Number two, also helping me reaching that transcendent state beyond the normal state.

So if you're considering learning from Vladimir Do not hesitate, because he is one of the the Masters in this field and he is if you talk to him, you will learn that he is really dedicated, quite devoted to this path and in really helping more and more people reaching equanimity as well as transcendence. So I recommend him highly."

CK Lin, PhD

Founder, Noble Warrior: Executive Coaching

"I'm still impressed with the simplicity and depth of these methods. The state of enlightenment was reached quickly followed by a relief from emotional problems, and a change in perception. 

I look forward to practicing this method every day and I am curious where it will lead me. In a short period, it leads to a state of pure consciousness which is the essence of our existence."

Mimi Peric