Results and Testimonials

Here's what doctors, therapists, holistic practitioners and spiritual seekers are saying about the Satori Protocol and the Enlightenment Therapy processes

Wesley Feuquay, M. Ed

Founder, Psylogia Institute for the Development of Consciousness

"...more unique than everything I've been shown... what psychology for the 21st century looks like..."

"...what strikes me deepest and most important about this protocol is that for the first time, in a very short order of time, we are able to simultaneously help people through problems, negative experiences, barriers to goals, and dis-serving beliefs or dis-serving identities.

And at the same time, take people into direct experience, or enlightenment, states of consciousness, and to do that simultaneously, is more unique than everything I've been shown.

So in my practice, this gets used very often excellent results, alleviating people's problems, negative experiences, barriers to goals to serving beliefs in a very quicker and very quick way. So this is the tool you're looking for, this really starts to become what is going to be at the forefront of alternative psychology of quantum psychology.

This is what psychology for the 21st century looks like. We can address problems very quickly and get people back to functioning in an efficient, safe, and, and holistic way in ways which we weren't able to do before."

Melanie McGhee, LCSW

Award-winning author, teacher, and psychotherapist

"...a reliable means of entering unified consciousness every single day..."

"I've been meditating and studying non dual philosophy for about 40 years. In the beginning, It was just to manage the stress of daily life and being in graduate school. But this rapidly became a lifelong interest of mine to align myself with the experience of myself as unified consciousness. Whole. Complete .

It wasn't until I learned the Satori protocol that this yearning became a fulfilled reality. Vladimir and I met as students of Zivorad Slavinski, as a longtime student of this contemporary mystic and psychologist Vladimir has embodied and made even more available the wisdom of our teacher through the Satori and the Integra protocols.

With the Satori protocol, we now have a reliable means of entering unified consciousness every single day, as many times a day as we please. With Integra, we can untangle from the long threads of identities and identifications"

CK Lin, PhD

Founder, Noble Warrior: Executive Coaching

" of the most reliable toolkits I have to neutralize inner saboteurs and... reaching that transcendent state"

"I'm an executive coach helping high performers reaching the next level of purpose, joy and prosperity. I've been in this field for roughly 15 years. I have systematically sought out wisdom teachers, techniques, systems experiences, so that I can level myself up.

And I'm very happy that I found the school of thought of Vladimir Stojakovic, Spiritual Technology, Integra protocol, Satori protocol, the set of tools has been one of the most reliable toolkits that I have to help me number one, neutralizing my inner saboteurs, my negative emotions and thoughts.  Number two, also helping me reaching that transcendent state beyond the normal state.

So if you're considering learning from Vladimir Do not hesitate, because he is one of the the Masters in this field and he is if you talk to him, you will learn that he is really dedicated, quite devoted to this path and in really helping more and more people reaching equanimity as well as transcendence. So I recommend him highly."

Stephen Kent


"...blown away by how quickly it brings about the non-dual enlightenment state"

"I’m blown away by how quickly it brings about the non-dual enlightenment state. I’ve been involved with personal and spiritual development for 20 years. I’ve tried many methods, different variations of the traditional self-enquiry process, but honestly I’ve never had any success with such a method.

WIth Satori Protocol, I’m brought into that state in a time period of about 10-30 minutes, which is unbelievable."

Tijana Kolacek

Certified hypnotherapist

"...when I experienced that state of pure existence for the first time, I realized how beautiful it is and that I want to dwell in it more often..."

"I have previously struggled with anxiety and panic attacks, an indescribable lack of self-confidence, self-worth, and more. These methods enabled me to achieve a lot of concrete results, among which are: to start standing up for myself, to clearly communicate my needs, to set boundaries both privately and at work, and as soon as I catch myself starting to fear, I don't allow it to turn into a panic attack, but I stop it in time and release it so that it cannot turn into a panic attack, etc.

When I enrolled in Satori, I wasn't thinking about enlightenment as much as about psychological progress. Honestly, I didn't even know what enlightenment was and meditations never worked for me. However, when I experienced that state of pure existence for the first time, I realized how beautiful it is and that I want to dwell in it more often. There, all worries really disappear and it's as if a person gets a different perspective of looking at things, which is more productive for him. Thoughts are no longer so chaotic, as if everything is slowly falling into place - at least that's my experience."

Ljubinko Stevanovic


"...I've never experienced a stronger and better system than Satori Protocol"

"As someone who has 30 years of experience with various spiritual systems and methods, I would not hesitate to say I've never experienced a stronger and better method than Satori Protocol. It's not just another technique, not just a small step in spirituality, but a real revolution."

Mimi Peric


"The state of enlightenment was reached quickly, followed by a relief from emotional problems..."

"I'm still impressed with the simplicity and depth of these methods. The state of enlightenment was reached quickly followed by a relief from emotional problems, and a change in perception. I look forward to practicing this method every day and I am curious where it will lead me. In a short period, it leads to a state of pure consciousness which is the essence of our existence."

Ania Gorzkowska

Clinical Hypnotherapist

"...allows for quick positive changes in a very short amount of time"

"The method itself is absolutely brilliant. It works and it allows for quick positive changes in a very short amount of time. Vladimir is an exceptional teacher. He's very patient. He explains things in a very easy way so it's easy to understand the method. Overall it was just so great to learn from someone as knowledgeable as him."

Christina Merkley, MA ODT

Founder, SHIFT-IT School

"...experiencing a lot of calm and peace in the midst of what has not been calm and peaceful"

"I run a school that assists a lot of other process professionals with various methods. It's been a few weeks and I can attest to the impact it's had on me. I'm experiencing a lot of calm and peace, quite frankly in the midst of what has not been calm and peaceful, which is an interesting thing to get used to. Also similar reports are coming from my client base as well."

Jovana Hiesmayr

Life coach & co-founder of Dual-Therapy

"'s currently my favorite..."

One of the reasons why it's currently my favorite, is in a short time, it releases emotional charge that we feel in relation to different events. However this technique also enables us to experience of enlightenment, or as some say, Direct Experience of Truth. In that sense this method is just so important for me as a coach but in general for all the people i work with. I don't know an alternative method which can really bring us to that sense of unity and experience of the Truth. I highly recommend this technique to everyone.

Kristina Dani

Holistic health coach, therapist and energy healer

" clients have been seeing really great results..."

"I'm a holistic health coach, therapist and energy healer. It was amazing experience to add this simple yet powerful tool to my coaching toolbox. I've been practicing it to myself and my clients and have been seeing really great results with this method. It always amazes me how simple and how profound it is."

Tom Shieh

Speaker and leadership consultant

"It was almost too good to be true. But, I must say that it worked beautifully!"

"For almost 25 years of my life, I had a phobia of heights. It was so debilitating that I would walk to the 2nd story of a mall and my palms would start to sweat, breathing would become shallow, and my mind would race with weird thoughts.

So when I first met Vladimir and he said it was easily curable within minutes, I was highly skeptical because I had lived with it for so long. After a process that lasted about 10 minutes, Vladimir declared that the fear was gone. It was almost too good to be true. But, I must say that it worked beautifully! I'm a believer and a living testimony.

Last month, I went skydiving in Fiji and had the time of my life - something that I only dreamed of doing. Thanks Vladimir for your work and for taking the time to work with me. You're amazing and I am tremendously grateful! I would highly recommend your techniques to family and friends. Again, thank you so much."

Marija Aceska

Financial Analyst

" a few minutes I reached the state of enlightenment..."

"I was delighted with Satori Protocol because in a few minutes I reached the state of enlightenment, for which I needed several days at the Enlightenment Intensive, and yet with Satori I remained grounded. After that, I was even more delighted because I experienced that Satori Protocol works perfectly on all concepts, everything is integrated, the emotional charge is lost, and the goals are easy to achieve.

I mainly use it on myself as a morning technique to quickly wake up :)

Thank you for giving everyone the opportunity to learn this technique, to make life easier for ourselves and others, to have deep insights and to live each day in the light"

Lambia Tolba

Emotional Healer, Egypt

"I used to be a people pleaser... after applying the techniques, this problem had vanished."

"Some challenges that I used to have before using the techniques: I used to suffer from excessive thinking in the past, and after applying the techniques, I dealt with many situations, and I no longer focused so much on the past. I used to be a people pleaser , and I suffered from lack of ability to make suitable limits with people , after applying the techniques , this problem had vanished. I used to struggle and feel oppressed in many situations , but now I just observe the flow of life , and have the courage to take responsibility of my life and enjoy the journey at the same time.

Being a practitioner then a trainer had also a great impact in my work and sessions: The techniques have fast and deep results on my clients, integration of success and failure made me appreciate every small success and every step I take in my work , so I achieved much more successful steps, when I started working as a trainer, my monthly income has been doubled or tripled, I gained more self-confidence, more skills, and more productive relationships with people who share my interests, my work as a trainer has made my impact go wider than just few people to many other beneficiaries."

Teodor Manolov


"Vladimir was one of the most life-changing and influential teachers I’ve ever had"

"I am a practitioner of many different systems and I am always growing and evolving in my career and personal life, and I am always on the lookout to learn new things that will give me an edge in life. Learning Enlightenment Therapy methods from Vladimir Stojakovic was one of the most life changing things I’ve ever done. 

When life becomes difficult, I exclusively rely on ET methods to get myself out of the rut, to quickly recover, and to move on with life with my head held high!

Some of the emotional problems that I resolved and overcame with ET are: phobia of doctors and dentists, difficulties and insecurities with members of the opposite sex, night time fears and nightmares, fear of public speaking, fear of being criticized and receiving disapproval, fear of ridicule and looking stupid, insecurities related to my personal image, old family issues and fixing broken relationships with relatives and friends, personal insecurities that held me back from taking action, difficult situations at work, and many, many more uncountable issues. 

Vladimir was one of the most life-changing and influential teachers I’ve ever had, and I am eternally grateful!"

Alex Waller


"...find it far easier to be present in the moment"

I have, at times, struggled with stress and anxiety, however, after working with both these processes, I have gained effective tools to manage these challenges. Working with Integra Protocol, and now Satori Protocol, I now experience greater sense of calm and clarity and find it far easier to be present in the moment. I am able to make decisions with greater ease and conviction, leading to more positive outcomes in both my personal and professional life.

Working with Vladimir was a very positive experience. What sets him apart from others is not only his deep knowledge and expertise but also his unique approach to teaching. Vladimir has a great ability to simplify complex concepts, making them accessible and practical for individuals like myself, who may not have extensive background knowledge in spiritual practices. His patient and supportive demeanor creates a safe space for growth and exploration, instilling a sense of confidence in his students.

I am immensely grateful for Vladimir's teachings, which have brought profound improvements to my well-being. I highly recommend his workshops to anyone seeking personal growth and inner peace.

Alen Kasumovic

Artist, Croatia

"It's so addictive for me...I'm enjoying using it every day..."

It was the beauty of Satori for me was its simplicity and, and how fast it is. And I'm using it now in on an everyday basis and really enjoying it and kind of can't live without it anymore.

So, yeah, it's so simple and so dynamic and so transformational. So I, this was my, as I said, very first seminar with Vladimir and him as a, as a facilitator or of a seminar is, is just amazing.

I really enjoyed it. Two beautiful days, and I can't recommend you enough. Really, this is such a beautiful investment in yourself, and that you can make that you can do.

And such a beauty of of that that's such a beautiful gift and beauty and simplicity of the process is just amazing....

So this is something that that will highly recommend and and go for it. I mean, really, it's so addictive for me and I'm enjoying it using it every day. And yeah, exploring myself, which is something fantastic.

And that's an investment that really is for you and I would highly recommend it and to attended with Vladimir so yeah, have a good one. And yeah, give yourself that gift."

Nevena Stojanovic


"...universal keys for unlocking the human psyche and finding solutions to spiritual blockages..."

"Before knowing this practice, I struggled with outbursts of anger and uncontrolled emotions. For me personally, deep peat was the most useful method of all, because at any time, in any place, in any condition, I can perform it on myself and prevent the escalation of emotional charges, which for me, as a highly sensitive person, is incredibly important.

Deep peat and other methods that Vladimir teaches, I see as incredibly useful universal keys for unlocking the human psyche and finding solutions to spiritual blockages on the way to the development of consciousness."