Thousands Now Experience Enlightenment Who Never Thought They Could!

"I've helped thousands of people all over the world - including peak-performance coach & author Tony Robbins - experience spiritual enlightenment and heal stubborn anxieties, fears, and other unwanted issues in themselves and their clients. 

But it wasn't by meditating, NLP, talk therapy or "mindfulness"

It was by focusing on their problems.

Read on to see how this counterintuitive approach to your personal and spiritual development makes it so easy to finally achieve the lasting inner peace and freedom you're after."

- Vladimir Stojakovic, World Renowned Spiritual Teacher and Trainer

Dear Friend,

Imagine waking up every single morning with a razor-sharp mind, deep sense of inner purpose, and an unshakeable feeling of peace and connectedness.

Sounds like a dream right?

Well I'm about to reveal the ultimate shortcut that's transformed the lives of thousands of people all over the globe. A shortcut that can give you one of the most sought-after states of consciousness in human history without intense effort, following a guru or renouncing your daily life. 

Now, before you think this is just another gimmick, let me assure you: It's NOT meditation, yoga, visualizing, life coaching, breathwork, energy healing or anything you've probably seen or tried before. 

And you might not believe me, but my clients are going from paralyzed by anxiety, self-doubt, and lack of purpose to experiencing groundbreaking clarity, productivity and inner peace within minutes and hours.

Now I'm going to say something that might trigger you... 

But if you’re not waking up each day with a clear mind, a feeling of inner peace, and a relaxed sense of purpose, then something is off. Especially if you do mindfulness and self-improvement practices but the results aren't sticking. 

And I'm not just saying this. I've lived it.

My name is Vladimir Stojakovic and about 30 years ago, I was a walking library of mental health problems

First, I was depressed and anxious all the time. I had addiction tendencies, and inferiority complex, obsessive compulsive tendencies. I had what Eckhart Tolle calls "compulsive thinking"... 

But 10 times worse!

I couldn't say "no" to people or express my boundaries. I had recurring nightmares where I was stuck in confined spaces. I suffered headaches since I was 9 due to lack of sleep and stress. 

And It didn't help that I was an atheist either. I went through the motions with no clear direction. Inside, I felt exhausted and stuck. I knew I needed to change, but had no idea where to begin.

So I tried talk therapy on and off for years before finally giving up.

I tried hypnosis and relaxation techniques and gave those up too. 

I also read lots of spiritual books and tried all the energy practices. 

Most of them were a waste of time. It was obvious I'd have to dedicate lifetimes to the techniques before I could see any significant process. 

Then, one day, I heard about a workshop called the "Gnostic Intensive". 

It was a 2-day workshop in my home country of Serbia, where people asked each other simple questions to...

"Induce" the experience of spiritual enlightenment 

It sounded like snake-oil and I was skeptical. 

Because me, spiritual enlightenment seemed impossible for ordinary people to attain. I thought only people who gave up their lives and lived in monasteries had a chance to achieve it. Unless, of course happened to be one of the lucky ones who spontaneously awaken in an instant, like Eckhart Tolle.

But I was so desperate for peace from my overactive mind, I signed up. 

When I arrive, the workshop was not what I expected. The group leader was overweight. The assistants looked like drug addicts. Everyone else looked so ordinary and not "spiritual". 

"I made a huge mistake," I thought.

But sure enough, after a few hours of the exercises, the first woman reached enlightenment. I saw it happen with my own eyes. And everyone else in the room saw it too. Her face lit up as she realized her true essense for the first time. She began to emanate pure "Zen".

Soon people in the room started popping like popcorn, having Direct Experiences one after another. But for me, nothing changed. 

Towards the end of the workshop, the Intensive Master walked up to me. Apparently, she could tell I was close. She stared me in the eyes, and asked me the most simple yet profound question in the world... 

"Tell me... who are you?"

Then it hit me.

All of a sudden, I experienced myself as a state of pure awareness...

The invisible boundary between myself and the rest of existence vanished…

I became everything and nothing at the same time... 

"I AM I!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. 

It was breathtakingly profound and yet felt so natural and normal at the same time. 

After that life-changing experience, I devoted my life to spiritual development.

For the next 25 years, the creator of the Gnostic Intensive took me under his wing. His name was Zivorad M. Slavinski, a brilliant author and researcher also from Serbia.

I was thrilled to discover Zivorad wasn't only interested in spirituality. He was also a devoted clinical psychologist, who developed methods for quickly removing lifelong problems and blocks.

I'm talking about fully resolving personal problems in timeframes that were... 

Lightspeeds faster than therapy, self-help and Even most "holistic" methods

Zivorad authored over 25 books and became known helping people create rapid transformations like... 

  • Curing his son's debilitating social anxiety - Zivorad's 24-year old son used to be so shy, he couldn’t ask strangers for the time. After weekend training with his father, he completely broke out of his shell and started public speaking in front of groups of people all over the world
  • Neutralizing a woman's emotional trauma 2 sessions - Slavinki worked with a woman who suffered one of the worst cases of sexual abuse trauma. She was raped by a family member. She was unable to function until she did a few sessions and completely neutralized her trauma. She went on to start her own successful business.
  • Helping countless people find inner peace during the chaotic Yugoslav Wars which displaced hundreds of thousands of people in the region. People lost their homes, their families and hyperinflation was rampant due to sanctions. People who used Slavinski’s psycho-spiritual healing processes were able to regain control over their lives.

Zivorad named his system "Spiritual Technology" because he combined spiritual principles with modern therapeutic breakthroughs to resolve people's deepest problems. 

And despite the name, it wasn't just a bunch of woo-woo techniques. They were carefully designed protocols, refined through experimentation, and... 

Validated by scientific research

When academics studied his process called PEAT, they concluded it to have a statistically-significant effect on reducing public speaking anxiety (published in a 2011 issue of Journal of Creativity in Mental Health)

I started using his methods to virtually cure all of my own personal issues. It took two years of intense dedicated effort because I had a lot to work through. But my depression, anxiety and neurotic behaviors all disappeared, and never came back!

Before, I couldn't follow through on my plans and achieve my goals. And afterwards, I completed 2 degrees, started a family, and launched a successful business.

For the first time in my life, I finally felt like a happy, functional human being. 

And my inner world felt like pure bliss compared to the mental chaos I experienced before.

And this wasn't from mindfulness meditation... hypnosis... NLP... CBT... or anything like that. 

It was completely the result of... 

Simple, proven processes that rapidly "detox" the mind at the root cause level

Once I resolved my own problems, I knew I needed to share these amazing methods with the world.

So I began leading seminars and working with clients. I improved Zivorad's methods even further into a system which I now call Enlightenment Therapy. I simplified many of his methods without changing the effectiveness and refined them into easy-to-use protocols that anyone could follow.

Eventually, news of these breakthrough modalities spread to the states.

I started working with CEOs, pop stars, movie directors, military generals, doctors, therapists, coaches, speakers, lawyers, and people from all walks of life.

In 2011, Tony Robbins contacted me to learn these methods. I got to personally teach the world's biggest peak performance coach for a week. Later, he invited me to his private events to facilitate.

Using these techniques, my clients were able to finally break free from their lifelong problems, traumas and limiting beliefs they once thought were incurable. Many of them finally achieved inner peace, success, and freedom they never imagined was possible.

Here's some of the amazing results I've helped people achieve... 

  • A soldier client who suffered PTSD from the war was able to completely recover and run his own successful business
  • A client with public speaking phobia was able to give a speech at a wedding after
  • A client who was unable to have intimate relationships after a betrayal, let go of her trauma after 3 hours and is now in a happy relationship
  • A client who lost her 6 year old child to cancer was finally able to accept the loss and get her life back together
  • A client who had a gambling addiction finally quit gambling
  • A client who was unable to break out of a dysfunctional marriage worked up the courage to initiate a divorce
  •  A client unable to recover from a divorce accepted the situation
  • A client stopped having panic attacks triggered by driving
  •  A client addicted to cigarettes stopped smoking
  • A client who kept procrastinating on her book finally finished her book
  • A client reestablished a relationship with his father after 10 years of not speaking
  • A client who was a compulsive spender was finally able to manage his money
  • And countless other stories of people permanently overcoming their anxieties and fears in fast timeframes 

All this within minutes and hours!

These types of transformations normally take weeks, months or even years with traditional therapies and self-help methods.

Now I know you might be wondering...

"Well Vladimir, I don't have any phobias, addictions or debilitating fears. I get a little anxious or stressed from time to time, but I have a pretty normal life. Can Enlightenment Therapy benefit me?"

And my answer is a resounding "Yes!"

Because this works to remove the root cause of countless problems and emotional challenges - big and small - where traditional methods and other alternative therapies have failed. 

I sometimes call it "therapy for normal people" because they could transform the quality of your life from just "okay" or "good" to "absolutely incredible".

For instance, Enlightenment Therapy can help you... 

  • Break free from the past and old stories about yourself and attract what you want personally and professionally with greater ease
  • Reduce shyness, nervousness and anxiety in social situations and tap into natural, authentic confidence 
  • Overcome validation-seeking and express healthy boundaries so you can build authentic and meaningful relationships
  • Break the cycle of procrastination by resolving the root cause so you can achieve your highest potential without solely relying on willpower (which is never sustainable long-term)
  • Neutralize any lingering "emotional pain" of past negative experiences or traumas that have been holding you back for weeks, months or even years and live with a sense of lightness and carefreeness 
  • Release feelings of guilt, shame and unworthiness and other self-sabotaging patterns that keeps you playing small
  • Take action towards what you truly desire without unconscious fear of failure (or fear of success)
  • Let go of other's opinions, expectations and judgements of you and feel good just being yourself
  • Remain calm and functional in an unexpected crisis, instead of being blindsided by stress

That last one is an important one because unexpected life events happen all the time - deaths, breakups, illnesses - and the only way to truly "prepare" for them is to have some proven tools you can use to process the stress of these crises.

I know this because just when everything in my life appeared to be going well... 

My son started having psychotic episodes out the of blue!

This was 2014 and it was one of the most stressful periods of my life.

I watched my son go through psychotic episodes, like he was possessed. The worst part was feeling powerless and unable to help. After his diagnosis, we were able to relieve some of the symptoms. But I felt emotionally and physically exhausted caring for him.

The only way I was able to make it through this was applying the Enlightenment Therapy processes on myself regularly. Each 20 minute process would return me to a peaceful state of mind, where I could do act on what needed to be done.

If you have to care for someone who's ill or you suffer from "compassion fatigue" from helping others then you know how important this is.

Plus, in my decades of professional experience, I've learned that people who DO NOT have these tools for processing stressful experiences can come out much worse than before. Because they add layers of negative beliefs, toxic attitudes and bitterness about themselves and the world. 

For instance, an old friend of mine who doesn't know about these methods got dumped by his girlfriend. It hurt him so much, but he never bothered to "go inward" to confront his thoughts and feelings. He only became more bitter over time, and turned into a literal misogynist!

The 4-step secret to detoxing your mind of stress, unresolved traumas, and limiting beliefs

The bottom line is, if you don't have tools for processing and releasing your emotional charge and stress, you end up accumulating a pile of limiting or even destructive beliefs about yourself and others. And over time, it could deteriorate your mental health, your relationships and even your physical health.

I've seen it happen time and time again, and I don't want it to happen to you.

And I'm not saying you need to use my system either. There are lots of great tools out that help you process unresolved emotional challenges. Any great method or therapy will use something called "progressive integration", a 4-step framework for releasing emotional charge and mental blocks.

You see, the world's most effective therapies and healing modalities all work like this... 

1. Trigger - First you need to think about your problem, goal, limiting belief, or negative past experience

2. Feel - Next, you need to feel what comes up naturally. You notice any images, thoughts, emotions or body sensations that arise. Do this without any judgement or resistance

3. Verbalize - Then, you verbalize what you felt and were aware of. This ensures you've fully made the previously unconscious mind content conscious. 

4. Repeat - Our problems are made up of many layers. You may have heard the idea that "feeling is healing". The secret is to repeat steps 1-3, working additional layers, until you neutralize the problem completely. Sometimes it can take a long time or feel a bit repetitive, but this is exactly how you erase the root cause of your problems to ensure they don't come back.

This also happens to be the high-level framework of the Satori Protocol, the simplest - yet also deepest - process in the Enlightenment Therapy toolkit.

The Satori Protocol is a unique breakthrough in spiritual and personal development because... 

99% of participants have an experience of spiritual enlightenment the very first time!

Yes I know that sounds unbelievable but it's true.

I combined progressive integration (the basis for effective modern therapies like EMDR and Somatic therapy) with spiritual principles such as the Law of Polarities and Self-Inquiry (which Indian sage Ramana Maharshi says is the most direct path to spiritual enlightenment).

It's an East-meets-West approach that delivers breakthrough results. 

After I made this discovery, I showed the Satori Protocol to my friend and colleague Satyen Raja, a leadership mentor who’s worked with some of the biggest names in business and personal transformation, including T. Harv Ecker, Peter Sage and Dr. Gabor Maté.

Having been an Intensive trainer himself, he was instantly able to recognize the end state as the “Direct Experience of Truth” or enlightenment.

Since then, I've shown the Satori Protocol to over 500 people, and all but five were able to successfully reach a enlightened, non-dual state of consciousness within 10-30 minutes on average. (I suspect those 5 had some undiagnosed psychiatric conditions holding them back). 

Regardless, that's a success rate of 99% which is incredible if you ask me. 

And now, for the first time ever...

I've broken down the entire method into a digital course shows you how to experience spiritual enlightenment while break free of your thorinest personal issues.

Because unlike other methods where you have to work with a coach or practitioner... 

You can learn to do the Satori Protocol completely on your own - anytime, anywhere...

And you can use it on others too if want to help your friends and family! 

Introducing: The Satori Protocol Self-Study Course 

I've distilled all the necessary concepts and methods of the Satori Protocol into an easy to digest and practical course you can complete all on your own, and begin using the tools right away.

The course is practical and straight to the point, containing only the most essential background concepts so you don't get bored with theory. 

I consider the Satori Protocol a "must know" tool for anyone in the helping profession (especially holistic practitioners), but it's also perfect if you just want to use it on yourself, and don't have any formal experience or training.

Here's how the Satori Protocol can totally transform your state of consciousness and your life

  • In as little as 20 minutes, you can release specific fears and anxieties that lead to sleepless nights, perpetual worry and mental suffering... and do it in a way where your problems DON'T come back
  • Be able to disconnect from external pressures of work and family responsibilities to almost instantly connect with your inner tranquility
  • Lacking purpose and unsure of how to fill your days? You can easily dissolve feelings of insignificance, loneliness and emptiness and shift into joy and fulfillment
  • Ground yourself in the early stages of a spiritual awakening, which can feel shocking and alienating
  •  Finally stop replaying past events, traumas and regrets in your mind and move beyond old stories about yourself
  • Monkey mind stopping you from being present? Believe it or not, it's easier to live in the present moment AFTER you’ve had enlightenment experiences. Which reminds me... 

"...I can highly recommend [Vladimir]"

"I had two seminars with Vladimir. I was very impressed by Vladimir, his absolute sincerity and his absolute caring for people, as well as his artistry. He extremely well presented the tools, and I can highly recommend him."

Tony Robbins

Peak Performance Coach & Best Selling Author

" to find the solution to every problem"

"[Vladimir] is an extremely caring and intelligent person, able to find the solution to every problem. He is equally efficient in processing individuals or leading group workshops, processing people in person or via Skype. I can highly recommend Vladimir to each and everyone of you."

Zivorad M. Slavinski

Author of 25+ Books on Spirituality & Therapy

Why "being present" doesn't work for most people

Eckhart Tolle, one of the greatest fully enlightened teachers of our time, is always telling us to "be present", "surrender" and "let go"...

But perhaps you've realized how HARD it is to be fully conscious and present in the now.

For some people it's simple, and all they need is a simple reminder. But for others, like myself, being present felt impossible, even after reading dozens of spiritual books. 

And that's because of habitual and unconscious ego-patterns that run the mind. 

Satori Protocol allows you to start erasing those ego patterns, so living resistance-free in the present moment living becomes natural and effortless.

You'll love if you're a left-brained analytical type like me.

"...Blown Away By How Quickly It Brings About The Non-Dual Enlightenment State"

I’m blown away by how quickly it brings about the non-dual enlightenment state. I’ve been involved with personal and spiritual development for 20 years. I’ve tried many methods, different variations of the traditional self-enquiry process, but honestly I’ve never had any success with such a method.

WIth Satori Protocol, I’m brought into that state in a time period of about 10-30 minutes, which is unbelievable.

Stephen Kent


Here's more benefits you'll see from using the Satori Protocol...

  • Gain the strength to forgive others and more importantly, yourself for any past mistakes, regrets and traumas
  • No more being plagued by compulsive thoughts of “what if’s” and “if only's”
  • Be able to create authentic, deep and profound connections with others instead of the typical superficial interactions in today’s digital and isolated world
  • Develop an unshakable sense of inner certainty and security external chaos, like a job loss, health problem or unexpected accident cannot shake
  • Release fear of uncertainty around changes and be able to pursue a career that aligns with your passions and values without being terrified of an unknown future
  • Overcome the fear of not being “enough” and any struggles with inadequacy, including on your spiritual journey. If you’ve ever felt you’re not advancing quickly enough attaining the “spiritual” levels of calm and peace that others seem to easily embody, then this will change that forever
  • Had a health scare that triggered your fear of death? Satori Protocol not only allows you to feel total peace with the inevitable but allows you to discover your real eternal and immortal Self that's usually covered by the ego
  • Awaken qualities in yourself that you admire and respect in others
  • Become invincible to the judgements and opinions of others as you stop identifying with your body and ego
  • Safely process any negative memories in a way that’s emotionally pain-free and allows you to be in control the entire time, which brings me to a question I get all the time...

"...I've never experienced a stronger and better system than Satori Protocol"

As someone who has 30 years of experience with various spiritual systems and methods, I would not hesitate to say I've never experienced a stronger and better method than Satori Protocol. It's not just another technique, not just a small step in spirituality, but a real revolution.

Ljubinko Stevanovic


"The state of enlightenment was reached quickly, followed by a relief from emotional problems..."

I'm still impressed with the simplicity and depth of these methods. The state of enlightenment was reached quickly followed by a relief from emotional problems, and a change in perception. I look forward to practicing this method every day and I am curious where it will lead me. In a short period, it leads to a state of pure consciousness which is the essence of our existence. 

Mimi Peric


"Does this also work to heal traumas?"

Absolutely. I use Satori Protocol all the time to help my clients heal from their negative past experiences and emotional traumas, including the ones they barely remember or from past lives. 

You can use this to neutralize the "emotional memory" of trauma in a totally safe way where they don't need to go into the original memory and risk being retraumatized. It's a great "under the radar" way to help your clients if they resist going into their past.

And although this is not designed as a treatment of any mental health conditions. And I recommend you see a professional if you have a diagnosis. However, most people who try this report freedom from negative memories and patterns that used to run their minds. 

Here's some other ways your life can improve from using the Satori Protocol...

  • Melt away trapped feelings of grief, stress and anxieties from the world events including the pandemic, social and political tensions and economic uncertainty
  • Finally understand complex or abstract spiritual concepts on your journey (like the concept of “Oneness”) because you’ve experienced it yourself at your deepest core
  • Enjoy inner peace amidst injustice and suffering in the world. This doesn’t mean you become callous or ignore what’s going on, but simply your mind won’t be constantly plagued by things you cannot directly control. You’ll develop more compassion, love and most importantly, power to make changes in the world if that’s your desire
  • Access the courage to freely go after artistic pursuits and other forms of self-expression
  • Gain a whole new level of respect and reverence for nature as you’ll be able to draw from its inspiration and wisdom
  • Remain grounded after a major life change or loss, such as a death, a breakup, job loss or health crisis
  • Make more spiritual and personal progress in a single weekend than most people do in months or years. Specifically, you’ll reach new levels of clarity and peace that most seekers spend their entire lives trying to reach because...

"...allows for quick positive changes in a very short amount of time"

The method itself is absolutely brilliant. It works and it allows for quick positive changes in a very short amount of time. Vladimir is an exceptional teacher.

He's very patient. He explains things in a very easy way so it's easy to understand the method. Overall it was just so great to learn from someone as knowledgeable as him. 

Ania Gorzkowska

Clinical Hypnotherapist

You don't have to have any "faith" or belief to see results!

When you successfully process a personal problem you have with the Satori Protocol, you’ll eliminate its “emotional charge”... meaning you could recreate the problem in your mind, and it won’t bother anymore.

It will feel like something that happened a long time ago, or something that happened to someone else.

You don't need any faith or belief for this to work. You'll FEEL the results immediately!

I've worked with dozens of psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, NLP practitioners, energy healers, and holistic practitioners, and most of them are stunned by the speed and depth of the Satori Protocol.

And if you're a practitioner yourself, imagine the ability to... 

  • Feel 100% confident in your ability to help a client instead of frustration or worry they aren't experiencing the changes they want
  • Create breakthroughs for your clients that erase all feelings of imposter syndrome 
  • Stand out in a crowded sea of practitioners all offering the same treatments, and gain a reputation for creating powerful and lasting results
  • Facilitate rapid and sustainable transformation so you can serve more people and make a greater impact
  • Have your clients rave about you behind your back, so you can grow your practice through a steady stream of referrals rather than perpetual selling
  • Get undeniable results for your clients, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs. They will be stunned at how quickly their problem or mental block disappeared, and you don't have to tell them what they're experiencing is "enlightenment" 

"...Experiencing a lot of calm and peace in the midst of what has not been calm and peaceful"

I run a school that assists a lot of other process professionals with various methods. It's been a few weeks and I can attest to the impact it's had on me. I'm experiencing a lot of calm and peace, quite frankly in the midst of what has not been calm and peaceful, which is an interesting thing to get used to. Also similar reports are coming from my client base as well. 

Christina Merkley

Founder, SHIFT-IT School

How much does it cost?

You might wonder how much this costs to learn the Satori Protocol.

The investment is only a one-time payment of $195 for the complete course. 

That's a steal, considering I charge thousands of dollars to teach this method to other practitioners.

And look...

If you’ve read this far, it means you’re probably interested in this direct and no-nonsense path to unshakable inner peace and freedom from your problems.  

BUT... there may still be a voice in the back of your head telling you this is “too good to be true”...

You got excited about similar stuff in the past, but they didn't work out... 

Or maybe you believe this works, but it might not work for *you*... 

So I’m willing to make this deal with you: 

Enroll in the course today and try out the methods for yourself, for as long as you like...

If it's not the BEST step-by-step process for removing emotional problems and experiencing spiritual enlightenment you’ve ever come across, just let me know and we’ll send your money back, no hassles and no questions asked.

This is our...

"Eternity Guarantee" that never expires!


Meaning even your grandkids can return it!

Again, if this isn't the most powerful "problem solving" method you've ever seen, you can return it anytime -for the rest of your LIFE - for a full 100% money back refund. No questions asked and no hassles.

This is the most generous guarantee I can offer, because that's how confident I am the Satori Protocol can change your life, and the lives of your clients and loved ones forever. 

When you use the Satori Protocol, your partner, friends and family will start to notice how much more peaceful and happier you've become. That's because you'll be able to generate joy and peace from yourself, instead of relying on others.

Those close to you will feel inspired to make similar changes to their lives. while toxic people will slowly fall out of your life.

Here's everything included in the Satori Protocol Self-Study Course

  1. 1
    Satori Protocol 2.0 (Updated for 2023) - The latest version of the Satori Protocol. You'll learn all 4 methods that will allow you to remove emotional problems and experience enlightenment yourself, and guide others to do the same.
  2. 2
    Satori Protocol Training Audios - You'll also get training audios of me explaining the methods in detail. You can listen to these in the car, on a walk or in your house
  3. 3
    Full Demo Session Transcripts & Audios - The best way to learn this is to see it in practice. So I've included numerous transcripts (including audios) from live sessions so you know exactly how it works.
  4. 4
    Complete Workbook with Protocol Scripts - You’ll get a complete workbook that makes it practical to apply these methods to your own specific challenges. You’ll also get protocol cheat sheets you can easily refer to.

You'll also get these bonuses...

As a thank you for being a first-time customer, you'll also get these bonuses when you order Satori Protocol today.

  1. 1
    Access to the Enlightenment Therapy Interactive App ($195 value) - The ET App is an exclusive app we invested $25,000+ to develop. It uses a human-sounding voice to flawlessly train and guide you through the ET processes. As a Satori Protocol Course student, you'll get free, unlimited access to the Satori trainer and Method 1 for reaching enlightenment on concepts.
  2. 2
    A Journey Into Oneself eBook ($49 Value) - A Journey Into Oneself is an introduction to Enlightenment Therapy processes that includes my personal experience with various methods for removing emotional problems, reaching enlightenment, recalling past lives and more.
  3. 3
    Integra Protocol for Removing Self-Sabotage eBook ($79 value) - Integra Protocol is a complete system for removing inner conflicts that create unconscious self-sabotage. It works to resolve personal problems, traumas, limiting beliefs and inner barriers that keep people stuck or slowed down.

Just know I'm offering these bonuses as a launch special, and they can be taken down at any time.

And just one last (important) thing...

The Satori Protocol Is NOT For Everyone

What I mean by this is...

The Satori Protocol is not for you if you're attempting to escape your life problems by chasing mystical states. That's "spiritual bypassing" and it's not what this is about.

It’s also not for you if you’re expecting your life to be picture perfect after you experience enlightenment. If you’re expecting your money problems to magically disappear, your relationships to be perfect, or your health to be instantly healed, then you’re gonna be disappointed.

Because again, it’s not what enlightenment is about.

And the reality of the matter is... your external situation will be mostly the same after you experience enlightenment. But YOU as a person will be closer to your truest self. 

As you complete more processes and eliminate more problems from your life, your feeling of oneness will expand. Eventually, this deep-rooted feeling of inner peace will become your "default" state of consciousness. And as a result, you gain the power to create pretty much whatever reality you desire. 

So again, this is for serious spiritual seekers, coaches and holistic practitioners.

Fact is, there’s hundreds of spiritual teachings and transformational methods out there. If you're looking for altered states, supernatural abilities, or manifestation powers, then don't waste your time here.

But if you want a powerful way to remove the root cause of suffering in your life, while directly experiencing your deepest essence, then you're in the right place.

Now’s the time to choose if you want in or not.

Click the button below to give the Satori Protocol a shot.

See you on the “other side”,

- Vlad

Perhaps you're wondering...

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. Considering all you will learn and how valuable the Satori Protocol has proven to be for my clients and students, this program is a bargain at $195. Still, we want to make it as affordable as possible. You'll find an easy-to-manage payment plan waiting for you on the other side of that order button.

Will this help with physical conditions?

No. The Satori Protocol and all Enlightenment Therapy methods are designed to resolve mental and emotional issues, not physical ones. However, if you are dealing with a psycho-somatic issue, then you may experience relief, as many of our clients have experienced. At the very least, you'll reduce your mental suffering regarding the condition.


Will I really become enlightened after 20 minutes?

From the hundreds of people we've worked with, it takes an average of 10-30 minutes to experience enlightenment on the introductory question, "Who am I?". After that, once you are familiar with the state, it usually takes less time.

Now keep in mind you will likely not become *permanently* enlightened (total dissolution of your ego), but you'll have the ability to experience temporary enlightenment on a daily basis, as many times as you like. This accelerates your spiritual development and reduces the time it takes to reach full enlightenment (if that is your goal).

Do I need any experience to use this on myself?

No. The protocols have been refined through decades of testing and experimentation. All you need to do is follow the protocol step-by-step. In fact, the less experience you have with other systems the better. Because sometimes, people will deviate from the protocol and add their own variations they learned from other methods.


Will I be able to use it on others?

Of course, all you need to do is follow the protocol exactly as is. We've trained lots of people to effectively use these methods to help family, friends, clients, patients and even strangers. If you are a professional looking to use this in your practice, we recommend continued training and certification to ensure you are best equipped to serve others using these methods. 

How is this different from other systems?

Well, I personally don't know of any other systems that can predictably and repeatedly lead you to a non-dual state of consciousness in such a short period of time :) From a therapeutic perspective, it's efficient because we don't waste time analyzing or discussing your problem. 

You simply state it concisely, and begin processing it right away. By the end, you'll experience yourself de-identified with the identity that's creating the problem, which is the deepest level of resolution possible. 

What doctors, psychologists and therapists say about the Satori Protocol...

"...It's currently my favorite..."

One of the reasons why it's currently my favorite, is in a short time, it releases emotional charge that we feel in relation to different events. However this technique also enables us to experience of enlightenment, or as some say, Direct Experience of Truth. In that sense this method is just so important for me as a coach but in general for all the people i work with. 

I don't know an alternative method which can really bring us to that sense of unity and experience of the Truth. I highly recommend this technique to everyone.

Jovana Hiesmayr

Life coach & co-founder of Dual-Therapy

"...My clients have been seeing really great results..."

I'm a holistic health coach, therapist and energy healer. It was amazing experience to add this simple yet powerful tool to my coaching toolbox. I've been practicing it to myself and my clients and have been seeing really great results with this method. It always amazes me how simple and how profound it is. 


Holistic health coach, therapist and energy healer

" worked beautifully! I'm a believer and a living testimony"

For almost 25 years of my life, I had a phobia of heights. It was so debilitating that I would walk to the 2nd story of a mall and my palms would start to sweat, breathing would become shallow, and my mind would race with weird thoughts.

So when I first met Vladimir and he said it was easily curable within minutes, I was highly skeptical because I had lived with it for so long. After a process that lasted about 10 minutes, Vladimir declared that the fear was gone. It was almost too good to be true. But, I must say that it worked beautifully! I'm a believer and a living testimony.

Last month, I went skydiving in Fiji and had the time of my life - something that I only dreamed of doing. Thanks Vladimir for your work and for taking the time to work with me. You're amazing and I am tremendously grateful! I would highly recommend your techniques to family and friends. Again, thank you so much.

Tom Shieh

Speaker and leadership consultant

"...we now have a reliable means of entering unified consciousness every single day"

I've been meditating and studying non dual philosophy for about 40 years. In the beginning, It was just to manage the stress of daily life and being in graduate school. But this rapidly became a lifelong interest of mine to align myself with the experience of myself as unified consciousness. Whole. Complete .

It wasn't until I learned the Satori protocol that this yearning became a fulfilled reality. Vladimir and I met as students of Zivorad Slavinski, as a longtime student of this contemporary mystic and psychologist Vladimir has embodied and made even more available the wisdom of our teacher through the Satori and the Integra protocols.

With the Satori protocol, we now have a reliable means of entering unified consciousness every single day, as many times a day as we please. With Integra, we can untangle from the long threads of identities and identifications. 

Melanie McGhee, LCSW

Award-winning author, teacher, and psychotherapist

"...more unique than everything I've been shown... what psychology for the 21st century looks like..."

"...what strikes me deepest and most important about this protocol is that for the first time, in a very short order of time, we are able to simultaneously help people through problems, negative experiences, barriers to goals, and dis-serving beliefs or dis-serving identities.

And at the same time, take people into direct experience, or enlightenment, states of consciousness, and to do that simultaneously, is more unique than everything I've been shown.

So in my practice, this gets used very often excellent results, alleviating people's problems, negative experiences, barriers to goals to serving beliefs in a very quicker and very quick way. So this is the tool you're looking for, this really starts to become what is going to be at the forefront of alternative psychology of quantum psychology.

This is what psychology for the 21st century looks like. We can address problems very quickly and get people back to functioning in an efficient, safe, and, and holistic way in ways which we weren't able to do before."

Wesley Feuquay, M. Ed

Founder, Psylogia Institute for the Development of Consciousness