How It Works

Enlightenment Therapy is a set of verbally-guided processes that allow you to rewire your mind and experience lasting relief from your most stubborn personal issues and limiting patterns.

It works even if you don't even know exactly what is wrong. And it resolves the root cause so your problems don't come back. It does this by raising your consciousness to a level above your problems, all the way to the level of spiritual enlightenment.

Sounds unbelievable? Keep reading to see the science, psychology and history of these breakthrough processes.

What Is Enlightenment?

First of all, the idea of spiritual enlightenment is found in virtually all religions and spiritual traditions from early Christianity to Jewish Mysticism to Buddhism and Hinduism. Even physicists and atheists will use the terms like "non-duality" to describe this state of formless, immanent consciousness.

What is enlightenment?

Enlightenment is a state of pure awareness where the sense of “I” (the ego) temporarily dissolves

Enlightenment is a real phenomenon that produces observable changes in the brain. Thomas Jefferson University and Hospital faculty member, Dr. Andrew Newberg found that during enlightenment experiences, people had reduced activity in their parietal lobe (dotted arrow), which indicates a loss of sense of "self" and increased connection to the rest of the world.

This is similar to the findings of neuroscientists at the University of Wisconsin who studied the brain of Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard and found excessive activity in Matthiu’s brain’s left prefrontal cortex compared to its right counterpart, giving him an abnormally large capacity for happiness and reduced tendency for negativity.

The bottom line is, enlightenment is a real experience that can have a profound positive on your mental well being. So now the question becomes…

How can ordinary people become "enlightened" without years of effort or giving up daily life?

The answer lies in a little-known spiritual discipline that's evolved over decades,. It started with Zen Buddhism, the school of Buddhism that focuses directly on experiences of enlightenment (also called Direct Experience) and nothing else.

In the mid 1900’s...

The Harada School of Zen developed in Japan. Its followers strove to attain enlightenment in days or weeks of intense meditation periods called “sesshins”. They did this by meditating on Koans, or absurd questions designed to turn off the rational mind.

In 1968...

Charles Brenner, and creator of the Enlightenment Intensive, introduced these methods to the West and combined them with western communication methods traditionally used in therapies (such as Gestalt). 

Around 30% of Enlightenment Intensives participants were able to experience enlightenment within the 3 day workshop, which was considered a major breakthrough among spiritual seekers.

Then, in the 1980’s...

Serbian psychologist and spiritual researcher, Z.M. Slavinski, improved upon Berner’s methods and made it possible to achieve enlightenment in as little as one and a half days with a 90% success rate! He called his method the Gnostic Intensive, and it became a widely accepted and popular method for spiritual development in southeastern Europe.

But just like how technology keeps getting faster and more powerful every year, "spiritual technologies” are also becoming faster and more potent...

Finally, in 2019...

Valdimir Stojakovic, the right-hand trainer of the late Slavinski, improved upon the Gnostic Intensive even further. His improvements lead to a success rate of 99% and a timeframe in just 10-30 minutes on average. He called his breakthrough the Satori Protocol.

Furthermore, Vladimir synthesized the experience of enlightenment with emotional problem release, so now, anyone can have a Direct Experience while also releasing their mental and emotional problems - stresses, anxieties, fears, traumas and limiting beliefs.

And Enlightenment Therapy was born.

Enlightenment Therapy combines the experience of enlightenment with therapeutic benefits

The Satori Protocol is the deepest (yet also simplest) process in the Enlightenment Therapy toolkit. Beyond just satisfying the ultimate desire within serious spiritual seekers, the Satori Protocol can be used to gain quick and firm resolution from many modern problems, including...

fears and phobias

anxieties SUCH AS social anxiety

automatic negative thoughts

traumas and negative memories

stress from work and relationships

self-defeating beliefs

Self-sabotaging patterns

Self-doubt, SHAME and unworthiness

How does Enlightenment Therapy resolve thorny personal problems swiftly when other methods fail?

Swiss psychologist Carl J. Jung famously said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it Fate.” All Enlightenment Therapy processes use this proven therapeutic framework (called progressive integration) to create deep, lasting change. 

Progressive Integration is a process of triggering, feeling and verbalizing negative mind and body content so it can be released instead of suppressed. It's the same underlying principle used in many of the most effective evidence-based therapies including today…


In the “sensitization” phase, the client scanning their body and reporting what they notice after each set of stimulation


The client becomes aware of and verbalizes their negative thoughts, emotions or physical sensations that arise as they tap on various meridian points

Somatic Therapy

The client is gently guided to become aware of physical and emotional charge in the body, and feeling them to release the sensations


The client becomes aware of their thoughts and feelings and verbalizes them to learn about their own cognitive distortions

The problem is, these traditional therapies are sometimes too slow or ineffective for some people. And that's because they only utilize 1 or 2 of the mind-body "access points" to change your internal experiences. That's why results are often inconsistent (or nonexistent) with many traditional and even holistic therapies.

Enlightenment Therapy uses all 5 mind-body access points to create powerful and lasting results:

1- Thoughts

2-  Mental images

3- Emotions



Most modern therapies only work with a couple of these mind elements, which is not enough. If you wanted to completely break down a table, you wouldn’t just remove one or two legs. You would remove all 4 of the legs, and the tabletop itself.

Enlightenment Therapy work to remove the building blocks of undesirable mind content, like negative experiences, limiting beliefs or perceived problems. This is how you can create permanent resolution and prevent issues from coming back.

The Enlightenment Therapy process called PEAT has been academically studied and verified to have statistically significant positive effects in reducing public speaking anxiety. (Published in Journal of Creativity in Mental Health)

Ready to experience all this yourself?

Now, you can learn the Satori Protocol, the deepest and simplest ET process, from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. You'll be able to experience enlightenment while resolving emotional problems as soon as tonight.

"Awareness is the greatest agent for change"

eckhart tolle