Results Too Slow From Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Life Coaching, Or Holistic Therapies?

A New Evidence-Based "Spiritual" Approach for Rapid Problem Healing

Most people believe spiritual enlightenment can only happen after years of intense meditation, following a guru, or renouncing daily life. But what if enlightenment is not only possible for ordinary people, but can be used to quickly and firmly resolve fears, anxieties and other unwanted emotional patterns?

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"The Now Breakthrough: A Practical Protocol For Spiritual Enlightenment"


"I had two seminars with Vladimir. I was very impressed by Vladimir, his absolute sincerity and his absolute caring for people, as well as his artistry. He extremely well presented the tools, and I can highly recommend him."


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Build Productive Habits

About Vladimir Stojakovic

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"Vladimir is an extremely caring and intelligent person, able to find the solution to every problem. He is equally efficient in processing individuals or leading group workshops, processing people in person or via Skype. I can highly recommend Vladimir to each and everyone of you."


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