Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will I start seeing results?

As soon as you complete your first process, your mental, emotional and energy state will instantly change, and you will FEEL the shift! You can confirm this by actively thinking about your starting topic and notice your body and mind feeling freer, lighter and the tension is reduced or totally gone. There is no belief or faith needed with these methods because you can confirm all the results yourself. 

Then, as you continue the processes, ideally doing the recommended “one process per day” routine, you’ll experience profound positive shifts in your regular state of consciousness. And like many of our clients and students have experienced, you’ll begin to experience more peace and success in your day to day life, and be less reactive to things that used to trigger you before.


Will I really become enlightened in 20-30 minutes?

Yes, countless people have already experienced enlightenment in an average of 20 minutes using the ET processes. The Satori Protocol allows you to reach a state of non-dual consciousness where you won’t feel any separation between yourself and the rest of existence.

This is a temporary state, and not permanent. The permanent state can be referred to as “full enlightenment” and is a much higher spiritual attainment. However, as realized Masters have described, having many temporary enlightenment experiences accelerates your progress towards full enlightenment.


Will my lifelong personal issues really be resolved in 20 minutes?

It depends. Each process will remove a chunk of charge of the issue and give you relief. However, depending on the problem, it may take multiple processes. Some gain full resolution where the problem never comes back after a single process. For others, it takes more work. Either way, ET is one of the most direct and effective methods of problem healing and can provide incredible relief on issues that seem unsolvable with other modalities.

Can I use this on others?

Yes! One of the best parts about Enlightenment Therapy is it’s been refined through decades of clinical practice and experimentation and turned into standardized scripts that anyone can follow. You do not need any special background or education. All you have to do is follow the protocol scripts as is with no changes (which can be hard for practitioners or coaches who are inclined to add in their own modifications). 

If you are a professional, you’ll need to take the certification course in order to use it on your clients. This is to ensure you understand the processes fully and how to use them safely with others. The most important criteria however, is personal experience with these processes. That’s why we refuse to train practitioners who have not done the work themselves.

Will this help with physical conditions?

ET is not meant for treating any physical illnesses or disease. Plus, the Satori Protocol and all Enlightenment Therapy methods are designed to resolve mental and emotional issues, not physical ones. 

That said, if you are dealing with a psycho-somatic issue, then you may experience relief or healing, as many of our clients have experienced. At the very least, you'll reduce your mental stress and suffering regarding your condition.

How is this different from other healing methods like NLP, hypnosis, or energy therapies?

Well, we personally don't know of any other systems that can predictably and repeatedly lead you to a non-dual state of consciousness (enlightenment) in such a short period of time :) From a therapeutic perspective, it's efficient because you don't waste time analyzing or discussing your problem. 

You simply pick a problem to work on, and begin processing it right away. You will engage your subconscious and journey to the root cause of your issue and release it. By the end, you'll experience de-identification with the part of you that created the problem, which is the deepest level of resolution possible.