For anyone who wants to experience inner peace fast...

Introducing The World’s First App That Allows You To Eliminate Mental Blocks & Experience Pervasive Inner Peace… As Often As You Wish!

By following guided 20-minute processes that allow you to break free permanently from your triggers, blocks and self-sabotage patterns!

What is Enlightenment Therapy?

Enlightenment Therapy is a counterintuitive approach for creating lasting mental and emotional freedom by “detoxing” your mind of accumulated… 

1. Anxieties, fears and everyday stress

2. Limiting beliefs

3. Self-sabotage patterns

4. Traumas and negative memories

You can enjoy a clear, quiet and focused mind without having to talk to a therapist, hire a healer, or meditate all day.

How Does it Work?

You simply follow a set of verbally-guided processes designed to raise your consciousness to a level above your problems. As a result, you'll resolve the root cause of your personal issues in a way where they don't come back.

It sounds unbelievable but you don’t have to believe a word I say.

That’s because you can test it yourself, and feel positive shifts in just 20 minutes - sometimes less! And unlike most other methods, you do not need to commit to anything for weeks or months to see results. 

The bottom line is, following these simple-yet-powerful protocols will allow you to experience more ease, clarity, and purpose in your day to day life.

This is what our new "Breakthrough Protocols For Inner Peace" book and interactive app can do for you.

Get Ready To Discover A Direct Path To Inner Freedom

Before Vladimir discovered these transformational processes (which we now call Enlightenment Therapy), he was a walking library of mental and emotional problems.

Vlad was depressed and anxious all the time. He struggled with procrastination and indecision. He was perpetually overthinking and worried about the future.

He tried therapy on and off for years. He tried hypnosis. he read tons of self-help and spirituality books and tried all the meditation and energy practices. Nothing worked.

Then after learning from the top teachers and psychologists (along with trial-and-error testing), he finally developed his own protocols for removing personal blocks and creating lasting emotional freedom - that works in 10-20 minutes on average.

Now you have the opportunity to experience this system for yourself, by simply downloading a $9.95 ebook called Breakthrough Protocols For Inner Peace. And when you do, you'll get free access to an interactive app that guides you through 2 of the most popular processes. 

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How I Went From Broke, Sick and Single To Having My Dream Life... By Ignoring Common Wisdom & Breaking All The Rules

"In minutes and hours, you can achieve a level of emotional freedom and relief that normally take weeks, months or years with traditional therapy and self-help methods..." 

- Tony Wang, Co-Founder of Enlightenment Therapy

Dear emotional freedom seeker,

I’d like to show you the first and only app to help you resolve stubborn mental and emotional challenges fast…

Issues like anxiety… phobias… self-doubt… and procrastination.

Imagine finally erasing every single mental block in the way of having the joyful, abundant and purposeful life you know is possible.

This app gets you lasting results… and the simple technique it uses has been tested and proven successful for over 30 years.

In fact, Tony Robbins hired one of the creators of the technology behind this app to train him personally.

And the most exciting part is you can finally have the emotional relief and freedom you’ve been looking for, for so long.

And without doing the same things you may have tried before like…

  • Therapy
  • Self-help books
  • Meditation and journaling
  • Positive thinking and visualizing
  • Law of attraction
  • Reiki and chakra healing
  • Hypnosis, NLP or subliminals 

You will experience noticeable results within minutes - not weeks or months.

And the best part? 

Today, you can get access to this breakthrough app for FREE!

I'll show you how in just a bit.

First, I want to share how I stumbled upon all of this...

My name is Tony Wang.

Today, I'm a successful entrepreneur, but 12 years ago, I was probably...

The Most Stressed Out Person In The World!

I was grinding myself to dust trying to get my business off the ground. I worked 10 hours a day, and still made less money than a McDonald's employee.

I pushed myself so hard, I ended up in the emergency room. Doctors diagnosed me with an autoimmune illness and I was stuck in the hospital for a month.

When I recovered, I had lost 40 pounds and looked like a prisoner of war…

After I got out of the hospital, I made a firm commitment to heal myself.

And not just physically... but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I knew that…

My physical illness was just a sign of much deeper problems

So I began to read every book I could find on emotional healing and stumbled upon a fascinating system called "Spiritual Technology". It claimed all of our problems, unwanted habits, and negative psychological states are due to energetic blocks.

When your energy is blocked, you might feel like you're repeating the same experiences...

Where even if the people in your life change, you feel like you're stuck in the same situation.

You feel slow, tired, unmotivated and stuck from moving forward.

You're bogged down by the same thoughts, doubts and fears that never seem to go away... that prevent you from taking actions you know would improve your life. 

When it gets bad enough, you start experiencing physical ailments, like what happened to me. 

And as you might guess, the way to fix this is to clear out the negative energy - so your positive energy starts flowing again. 

Well, when I first heard all this, I was skeptical. 

I was science-minded (I still am today) and didn’t believe in invisible “energies”.

But I had nothing to lose, so I tried it for a few months.

I followed a series of verbally-guided processes that took roughly 20 minutes each.

Surprisingly, there was nothing "woo-woo" about them.

And you know what happened?

It actually worked!

I corrected my energy blockages that were preventing me from progressing in life.

I knew something had shifted because I was no longer consumed by heavy emotions like guilt, shame and fear...

And within 4 months, my income jumped from $2,000 per month to $22,000 per month. That was an 11x increase! Within a couple of years, my business made $25 million dollars in revenue.

I went from sleeping on a mattress in a rented apartment to owning a 3,000 sq ft house along a lake in Southern California. 

I thought it was a fluke, but the positive changes in my life went beyond just finances…

I went from never having a girlfriend... to meeting and marrying my soulmate.

I went from doctors saying I needed to get monthly IV infusions... to never stepping foot in a hospital again (besides the recent birth of my daughter).

My life has transformed so much, I’ve now made it my mission to share this wonderful healing technology with more people.

Now, I’m not saying you’re going to make $25 million dollars or find your life partner as a result of trying these protocols.

But I will guarantee…

You can quickly and permanently resolve mental and emotional issues you’ve held your entire life!

I know it sounds unbelievable, and I’ll show you some proof in just a bit.

First, let me tell you what Enlightenment Therapy really is.

It’s a psycho-emotional-spiritual healing system created by Vlad Stojakovic, a man you’ve probably never heard of. 

Vlad is a master trainer who has worked with celebrities, politicians, CEOs, doctors, psychologists and people from all walks of life - helping them eliminate stubborn “unsolvable” psychological and emotional problems.

In 2011, he caught the attention of Tony Robbins, who trained privately with Vlad for a week and later invited to guest speak at his events.

With over 30 years of experience and devotion to personal and spiritual development, Vlad adapted and refined various methods into a system we now call Enlightenment Therapy.

And the most amazing part?

Enlightenment Therapy resolves personal problems in timeframes that are... 

Lightspeeds faster than therapy, self-help and even most "holistic" methods!

After a 10-20 minute process, you’ll feel a noticeable shift. And when you put your attention on your original issue you literally cannot feel it as a problem anymore! 

Most people describe it as feeling lighter, freer and more peaceful.

You might even start smiling or laughing for no reason.

That’s a clear sign your energy has changed, and now you have more positive energy than negative energy in your mind and body.

With more energy, you can now make changes you previously struggled with. 

And believe it or not, you can see these positive changes to your energy field when you use a special device called a GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) camera.

Pretty wild, huh?

These are some specific emotional issues people have been able to overcome with Enlightenment Therapy (taken from Vlad's session notes): 

  • A soldier who suffered war trauma was able to completely recover and start his own successful business
  • A woman who was sexually abused by a family member and could barely function healed after 2 sessions (and later started her own successful business)
  • A man who had a gambling addiction stopped gambling
  • A woman unable to break out of dysfunctional marriage managed to divorce
  • A woman with a driving phobia due to a previous car accident is now able to drive
  • A man with a social phobia was able to give a wedding speech after 5 sessions
  • A woman, whose last partner was unfaithful, was unable to have relationships. After 3 sessions, she found herself in a happy relationship
  • A woman who lost a 6 year old child to cancer was able to come to terms with the loss
  • A man who was unable to do presentations at work resolved the issue and began running presentations weekly
  • A businessman who developed fear of panic attacks in business meetings resolved them
  • A lifelong smoker was finally able to quit
  • A writer unable to complete their book resolved the stuckness and completed the book
  • A compulsive spender is now able to manage his money
  • After 10 years of not speaking to his father, a client reestablished the relationship
  • A man who felt they were an imposter at work released the feeling
  • A woman who was overeating due to anxiety has her appetite now under control
  • And countless other success stories…

So what does the process look like?

First, you pick a specific problem, block, limiting belief, or goal that you feel is keeping you stuck. 

Then, you go through a step-by-step protocol to release the problem at an energetic level. 

You simply follow the prompts and report what comes up for you naturally.

And as you do, you start to remove the “building blocks” of that problem, piece by piece.

For instance, take an issue like the fear of public speaking. 

It’s a topic that triggers discomfort for most people.

As you go through the procedure, you begin to shift your perspectives around the fear of public speaking.

And you'll remove the underlying negative energy from all thoughts, emotions, beliefs and memories related to public speaking. 

The end result? 

You’ll be able to imagine yourself speaking in front of a large group and feel calm and at ease...

Without any worried thoughts or feelings...

Without tension creeping up in your body... 

And if you are actually asked to speak in front of a group…

You’ll feel completely relaxed about it... rather than get that automatic “lump in the throat” reaction.

It’s already helped thousands of people overcome emotional blocks and problems such as…

  • Outbursts of anger
  • Indecisiveness
  • Holding on to the past
  • Finding balance between work and play
  • Relationship traumas
  • Impulsive behaviors
  • Social anxiety
  • Money worries
  • Body image issues
  • Procrastination
  • Low self esteem and feelings of unworthiness
  • Intrusive thoughts
  • Irrational fears and phobias
  • Worries of losing what you’ve acquired
  • Fear of missing out on life
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Guilt and shame from childhood
  • Inferiority complex
  • Scarcity mindset
  • Work pressure and career blocks

Now to be honest, resolving a single personal issue won't change your life that much.

The relief will feel great but there will be more problems that "snag" at your mind eventually.

So the magic happens when you continue to work on the different issues and hang-ups that block your energy over time... 

And as you do, you'll notice your overall mood improving... 

You stop dwelling on the past or worrying about the future...

That critical voice in the back of your head quiets down...

Friends and family will begin to notice your increased energy levels... 

And most important, on the inside, you'll be filled with an expansive feeling of…

Pervasive Inner Peace!

Because what you are doing is raising your energetic vibration by detoxing your mind of stuck negative energy.

Just think about how many negative and unproductive thoughts you have each day.

Imagine if all that energy was channeled towards your goals and dreams instead. 

That’s exactly what Enlightenment Therapy enables you to do.

It’s a truly revolutionary technology that I believe is the future of mental health and psychology.

And listen, if you’re skeptical of these benefits, I totally understand.

I used to feel the same way.

I’ve tried so many different therapies and techniques in the past that were either totally ineffectively or worked too slow.

Methods like EFT, Sedona Method, release technique talk therapy, meditation, hypnosis, NLP, subliminals, reiki, and countless others.

One time, I even burned frog poison into my skin to try to detox my body - that turned out to be one of the craziest experiences of my life!

And nothing against these alternative healing methods.

But when you try Enlightenment Therapy, you'll instantly know it's different.

Because it's more than a "technique"...

It's a proven path towards total emotional liberation in the modern day and age.

Here are the ways the Enlightenment Therapy can transform your state of consciousness & your life

  • In as little as 20 minutes, you can release specific fears and anxieties that lead to sleepless nights, perpetual worry and mental suffering... and do it in a way where your problems DON'T come back
  • Be able to disconnect from external pressures of work and family responsibilities to almost instantly connect with your inner tranquility
  • Lacking purpose and unsure of how to fill your days? You can easily dissolve feelings of insignificance, loneliness and emptiness and shift into joy and fulfillment
  • Ground yourself in the early stages of a spiritual awakening, which may feel shocking and alienating
  • Finally stop replaying past events, traumas and regrets in your mind and move beyond old stories about yourself
  • Gain the strength to forgive others and more importantly, yourself for any past mistakes, regrets and traumas
  • No more being plagued by compulsive thoughts of “what if’s” and “if only's”
  • Be able to create authentic, deep and profound connections with others instead of the typical superficial interactions in today’s digital and isolated world

"...I can highly recommend [Vladimir]"

"I had two seminars with Vladimir. I was very impressed by Vladimir, his absolute sincerity and his absolute caring for people, as well as his artistry. He extremely well presented the tools, and I can highly recommend him."

Tony Robbins

Peak Performance Coach & Best Selling Author

" to find the solution to every problem"

"[Vladimir] is an extremely caring and intelligent person, able to find the solution to every problem. He is equally efficient in processing individuals or leading group workshops, processing people in person or via Skype. I can highly recommend Vladimir to each and everyone of you."

Zivorad M. Slavinski

Author of 25+ Books on Spirituality & Therapy

As you might have guessed, only a very small percentage of the population have heard of this technology.

And that’s because up until now, these protocols could only be experienced in a live 1:1 setting with a trained practitioner.

Well, we wanted to change that and bring this technology to the public in an easy-to-use way.

So we turned these protocols into an interactive app you can use on your laptop or mobile phone...

Introducing: The Enlightenment Therapy Interactive App

I've partnered with Vlad to create an app that's nothing like your average mindfulness or meditation app.

Most of those apps are "passive" where you just listen to some guided audio - and hope something is working.

The Enlightenment Therapy (or ET) app is interactive, meaning it works with you to uncover the energetic root cause of any specific issue or pattern you’re struggling with… and the app helps you to resolve the issue - once and for all.

The simplest-to-use protocol in the app is the “Universal Process”. The technical name for this modality is called PEAT, and it’s been proven in clinical studies to effectively reduce public speaking anxiety.

The research was published in the Journal of Creativity in Mental Health (July 2011 issue): 

Once you try the Universal Process, I bet you'll ditch some of those other methods – hypnosis, meditation, EFT, and so on – because this will help you release problems quicker and more effectively.

Plus, the PhDs, therapists and psychologists we asked to review this all agreed it was safe and had clear advantages over traditional therapies.

Here are the benefits you can expect when you try it for yourself...

  • Developing an unshakable sense of inner certainty and security that external chaos, like a job loss, health problem or unexpected accident cannot shake
  • Releasing fear and uncertainty around pursuing a career that aligns with your passions and values.. instead of being terrified of an unknown future
  • Overcoming the fear of not being “enough” or any struggles with inadequacy
  • Had a health scare that triggered your fear of death? Enlightenment Therapy not only allows you to feel total peace with the inevitable but allows you to discover your real eternal and immortal Self that's usually covered by the ego
  • Awaken dormant qualities in yourself that you admire and respect in others
  • Become invincible to the judgements and opinions of others as you stop identifying with your body and ego
  • Melt away trapped feelings of grief, stress and anxiety from the world events including the social and political tensions and economic uncertainty
  • Safely process any negative memories in a way that’s emotionally pain-free and allows you to be in control the entire time, which brings me to a question I get all the time...

"...I've never experienced a stronger and better system than Satori Protocol"

As someone who has 30 years of experience with various spiritual systems and methods, I would not hesitate to say I've never experienced a stronger and better method than Satori Protocol. It's not just another technique, not just a small step in spirituality, but a real revolution.

Ljubinko Stevanovic


"The state of enlightenment was reached quickly, followed by a relief from emotional problems..."

I'm still impressed with the simplicity and depth of these methods. The state of enlightenment was reached quickly followed by a relief from emotional problems, and a change in perception. I look forward to practicing this method every day and I am curious where it will lead me. In a short period, it leads to a state of pure consciousness which is the essence of our existence. 

Mimi Peric


"Does this also work to heal traumas?"


These methods were originally created by a clinical psychologist from eastern Europe, who helped a lot of his patients heal from war traumas. 

This is one of the most powerful tools for healing "emotional residue" from negative past experiences and traumas, including the ones you may not remember.

Why? Because we work with trauma in a 100% safe way where you don't need to go into the original memory. It's a great "under the radar" way to help your clients if they resist looking into their past.

Here's some other ways your life can improve from using Enlightenment Therapy protocols.. 

  • Remain grounded after a major life change or loss, such as a death, a breakup, job loss or health crisis
  • Enjoy inner peace amidst injustice and suffering in the world. Now this doesn’t mean you become callous or ignore what’s going on, but simply your mind won’t be constantly plagued by things you cannot directly control. You’ll develop more compassion, love and most importantly, power to affect positive changes in the world
  • Access the courage to freely go after artistic pursuits and other forms of self-expression
  • Make more personal progress in a single weekend than most people do in months or years. Specifically, you’ll reach new levels of clarity and peace that most seekers spend their entire lives trying to reach because...

"...allows for quick positive changes in a very short amount of time"

The method itself is absolutely brilliant. It works and it allows for quick positive changes in a very short amount of time. Vladimir is an exceptional teacher.

He's very patient. He explains things in a very easy way so it's easy to understand the method. Overall it was just so great to learn from someone as knowledgeable as him. 

Ania Gorzkowska

Clinical Hypnotherapist

You don't have to have any "faith" or belief for it to work

When you successfully process a personal problem you have with Enlightenment Therapy, you’ll eliminate its “emotional charge”... meaning you can recreate the problem in your mind, and it won’t bother you anymore.

It will feel like something that happened a long time ago, or something that happened to someone else.

You don't need any faith or belief for this to work.

You'll FEEL the results immediately!

About half of our community are those in the "helping" profession - doctors, therapists, coaches and healers. They are always looking for novel modalities they can use on themselves and their clients, and they love the simplicity and effectiveness of these processes.

And if you're a practitioner yourself, imagine the ability to... 

  • Feel 100% confident in your ability to help a client instead of frustration or worry they aren't experiencing the changes they want
  • Create breakthroughs for your clients that erase all feelings of imposter syndrome 
  • Stand out in a crowded sea of practitioners all offering the same treatments, and gain a reputation for creating powerful and lasting results
  • Facilitate rapid and sustainable transformation so you can serve more people and make a greater impact
  • Have your clients rave about you behind your back, so you can grow your practice through a steady stream of referrals rather than perpetual selling
  • Get undeniable results for your clients, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs. They will be stunned at how quickly their problem or mental block disappeared. And I'm sure before you use it on clients, you'll want to test it for yourself first. So here's how...

"...Experiencing a lot of calm and peace in the midst of what has not been calm and peaceful"

I run a school that assists a lot of other process professionals with various methods. It's been a few weeks and I can attest to the impact it's had on me. I'm experiencing a lot of calm and peace, quite frankly in the midst of what has not been calm and peaceful, which is an interesting thing to get used to. Also similar reports are coming from my client base as well. 

Christina Merkley

Founder, SHIFT-IT School

You can get access to the ET App for free for a very limited time!

Alright, so you’re probably wondering why I’m giving you free access to an app that cost me over $30k to develop. 

The answer is pretty simple.

I’m doing this as a bribe to buy my new book, Breakthrough Protocols for Inner Peace.

This book was written by myself and Vlad. It shows you 5 simple-yet-powerful protocols to instantly clear stress, release negative patterns and access higher states of consciousness.

Previously, the only way to learn this information was to fly to Serbia and learn it directly from Vlad’s teacher, who spent 60+ years of his life researching various spiritual and psychological technologies.

Now, we’ve broken the entire system into a book with instructions and lots of examples. It also comes with a workbook and video training to teach you everything.

You'll learn these 5 breakthrough protocols to resolve emotional problems & access higher states of consciousness

  1. 1
    Universal Process - the simplest method for neutralizing emotional energy to return to a state of calm quickly whenever you feel triggered
  2. 2
    DP2 Process - a method that synchronizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain to release negative energy and stress 
  3. 3
    Integra Protocol Simplified - a method that releases undesirable patterns (if you have self-sabotaging habits, then you'll love this)
  4. 4
    Integra Protocol Advanced - a deeper method to release undesirable patterns by releasing stuck identities 
  5. 5
    Satori Protocol - a simple spiritual process to reach a state of non-duality or Oneness

In addition, you also get access to live demo audios so you can hear exactly how they work in a real session.

After you go through the book or video lessons (you can complete it in a single weekend), you’ll have everything you need to be able to remove emotional problems and patterns on an energetic level so they don’t come back.

If you’re a coach or wellness professional, these tools will show you how to create mind-blowing breakthroughs in your clients that will leave them stunned.

So that’s what the book is all about.

And you'll get free lifetime access to the Enlightenment Therapy app and be guided through the Universal Process and Integra Protocol Simplified Process anytime you want.

The app will make it easier to apply these protocols.

This way, you don’t have to memorize the procedures.

All you need to do is relax and follow the instructions….

And let the app guide you (by voice) to release any emotional problem keeps triggering you... preventing you from enjoying a joyful and free state of being.

Here's everything you get today:

  1. 1
    Breakthrough Protocols for Inner Peace eBook- This 177-page book will teach you all about the protocols, how they work and step-by-step instructions for applying them on yourself and others
  2. 2
    10-Day Fast Start Program - How many times have you bought a potentially life-changing book but never finished it? This fast start program contains bite-sized video and audio lessons to help you implement everything you learn
  3. 3
    Fast Start Workbook - You’ll also get a complete workbook that makes it easy to apply these methods to your own specific challenges. You’ll also get protocol cheatsheets you can easily refer to
  4. 4
    Enlightenment Therapy App Access - You get lifetime access to the interactive app which guides you through 2 of the most effective protocols. This way you can relax and experience them instead of stress about whether you're doing it right
  5. 5
    Private Community - Get your questions answered and connect with like-minded people, including holistic practitioners, CEOs, doctors, coaches, therapists, metaphysical explorers, academics who help each other accelerate their personal growth

Now you might be wondering... 

How much does the book cost?

At first, we were planning to launch this book at $49  but that meant we had to print copies of it, store them and ship them.

So we decided to make it an ebook - which doesn’t cost us anything besides a few bucks to advertise it. 

It’s a one-time payment of $9.95 and that’s it. 

It’s less than the cost of a fast food meal. 

And there’s no hidden subscriptions or anything.

We’re making this offer with the idea that you'll be so impressed with what we're giving you today, you'll want to do more business with us in the future.

We’re betting that you'll enjoy the book and app so much, you'll want to take additional programs with us - and upgrade to the full version of the app. 


You must act fast

For one thing, the app won't be free forever. 

As more and more people sign up, we'll need to charge an upfront fee to cover our costs. 

So the sooner you take action, the faster you can start releasing your old patterns... and begin tapping into true freedom and abundance.

I was lucky enough to discover this in my early 20's... but if you're like most people, you might feel like you're "running out of time."

So don't delay on your dream of enjoying a happier and more fulfilling life.

No matter how how tough your past has been, everything can change in a single instant. 

Financial stability... meaningful relationships... inner peace... can all be yours once you start repairing the energetic blockages from your body and mind. 

Click the button below to get access to the book, course and app right away. 

Oh. And in case you're wondering ...


There's a money-back guarantee.

In fact, I think it's the best money-back guarantee in the world. 

We call it... 

The "Total Freedom" Guarantee


Download the eBook, read it all the way through, and use the app.

And you don't feel calmer or more relaxed... 

With a quieter mind... 

With more energy in your body... 

And a sense of joyful lightness and freedom...

Then just shoot us an email and request a refund within 30 days.

My team will refund you your $9.95 and let you keep the book and video lessons - free of charge!

How’s that for the world’s best money back guarantee? 

I’d say pretty good!

Still not sure if this is right for you?

After working with thousands of people live, we've seen a 90-95% success rate.

That means out of 10 people, 9 see positive results.

But over the years, we've also noticed types of people who this does not work for: 

  1. 1
    It’s not for you if you’re trying to heal a diagnosed mental health issue (like PTSD, depression, bipolar, etc). By law, we have to advise you to seek out a professional 
  2. 2
    It’s not for you if you aren’t willing to sit down for 10-20 minutes undistracted and follow along with the guided-instructions. This is an active process. It's not like a passive guided meditation
  3. 3
    Lastly, it’s not for you if you aren't willing to take an honest look at your innermost thoughts and feelings. I know you may feel some natural resistance to doing that, but as long as you are open, you’ll be amazed at the healing and relief you’ll experience

So if any of those apply to you, then please do not buy this.

Otherwise, since you’ve made it this far, I’ll assume that you’re ready to order, so with that in mind...

Click here to get Breakthrough Protocols for Inner Peace & access to the interactive app

I’ll talk to you in our private community that you’ll get instant access to as soon as you download your copy.

See you on the inside.

To your success and healing,

P.S. Remember, Breakthrough Protocols For Inner Peace comes with The BEST money-back guarantee In the world.

Download it, read it, use the app, and get results. 

And if you’re not happy for any reason (and I mean ANY reason) - just let me know and we’ll refund your purchase - with no hassles.

What doctors, psychologists and therapists say about Enlightenment Therapy..

"...It's currently my favorite..."

One of the reasons why it's currently my favorite, is in a short time, it releases emotional charge that we feel in relation to different events. However this technique also enables us to experience of enlightenment, or as some say, Direct Experience of Truth. In that sense this method is just so important for me as a coach but in general for all the people i work with. 

I don't know an alternative method which can really bring us to that sense of unity and experience of the Truth. I highly recommend this technique to everyone.

Jovana Hiesmayr

Life coach & co-founder of Dual-Therapy

"...My clients have been seeing really great results..."

I'm a holistic health coach, therapist and energy healer. It was amazing experience to add this simple yet powerful tool to my coaching toolbox. I've been practicing it to myself and my clients and have been seeing really great results with this method. It always amazes me how simple and how profound it is. 


Holistic health coach, therapist and energy healer

" worked beautifully! I'm a believer and a living testimony"

For almost 25 years of my life, I had a phobia of heights. It was so debilitating that I would walk to the 2nd story of a mall and my palms would start to sweat, breathing would become shallow, and my mind would race with weird thoughts.

So when I first met Vladimir and he said it was easily curable within minutes, I was highly skeptical because I had lived with it for so long. After a process that lasted about 10 minutes, Vladimir declared that the fear was gone. It was almost too good to be true. But, I must say that it worked beautifully! I'm a believer and a living testimony.

Last month, I went skydiving in Fiji and had the time of my life - something that I only dreamed of doing. Thanks Vladimir for your work and for taking the time to work with me. You're amazing and I am tremendously grateful! I would highly recommend your techniques to family and friends. Again, thank you so much.

Tom Shieh

Speaker and leadership consultant

"...we now have a reliable means of entering unified consciousness every single day"

I've been meditating and studying non dual philosophy for about 40 years. In the beginning, It was just to manage the stress of daily life and being in graduate school. But this rapidly became a lifelong interest of mine to align myself with the experience of myself as unified consciousness. Whole. Complete .

It wasn't until I learned the Satori protocol that this yearning became a fulfilled reality. Vladimir and I met as students of Zivorad Slavinski, as a longtime student of this contemporary mystic and psychologist Vladimir has embodied and made even more available the wisdom of our teacher through the Satori and the Integra protocols.

With the Satori protocol, we now have a reliable means of entering unified consciousness every single day, as many times a day as we please. With Integra, we can untangle from the long threads of identities and identifications. 

Melanie McGhee, LCSW

Award-winning author, teacher, and psychotherapist

"...more unique than everything I've been shown... what psychology for the 21st century looks like..."

"...what strikes me deepest and most important about this protocol is that for the first time, in a very short order of time, we are able to simultaneously help people through problems, negative experiences, barriers to goals, and dis-serving beliefs or dis-serving identities.

And at the same time, take people into direct experience, or enlightenment, states of consciousness, and to do that simultaneously, is more unique than everything I've been shown.

So in my practice, this gets used very often excellent results, alleviating people's problems, negative experiences, barriers to goals to serving beliefs in a very quicker and very quick way. So this is the tool you're looking for, this really starts to become what is going to be at the forefront of alternative psychology of quantum psychology.

This is what psychology for the 21st century looks like. We can address problems very quickly and get people back to functioning in an efficient, safe, and, and holistic way in ways which we weren't able to do before."

Wesley Feuquay, M. Ed

Founder, Psylogia Institute for the Development of Consciousness